Carbon Monoxide Investigation: This investigation evaluates the appliance in question as well as other mechanical systems within the dwelling. In some cases the operation of the appliance results in the entry of dangerous gases into the living space. In other cases, the dwelling and/or other mechanical devises are creating a conflict with the appliance. In both cases, the entry of carbon monoxide and other dangerous gases my result in personal injury. This investigation attempts to determine the cause of the C.O. entry and recommends methods of repair prior to injury. 

Certification of Inspection Program: This program is a detailed inspection of the fireplace, chimney and/or venting system at the time of original installation or repair. The intent of this program is to help prevent the incorrect and unsafe installation or repair of these systems. The inspection process may take several visits and will help prevent fire and litigation. 

Construction Defect Analysis: This service is for new construction, natural disaster assessment, or to assist in repairs of existing construction conditions. This service may include but is not limited to plan review, inspection, investigation report, analysis of modifications or alterations, on-site evaluation, use of alternate materials, design assistance and all the requirements for the correct installation or repair of new or existing conditions. 

Educational Presentations: This service provides educational presentations to the fireplace inspectors, fire investigators, public building inspector and private home inspectors. We are bringing these professionals and their industries together to provide comprehensive and accurate information. These presentations incorporate the building codes, manufacturer's requirements and the expert experience of the instructor. 

Fire Investigation: This service offers the forensic investigation of fireplace, chimney, vent, commercial ovens and decorative gas-fired appliances. This fire investigation is a detailed investigation of the cause and the area of origin of the fire as it relates to the appliance and surrounding materials. This service may include but is not limited to on-site inspection, overhaul review, photo documentation, written report, specification investigation and expert testimony.

Forensic Investigation: This investigation is a scientific study of an isolate system, appliance or component. This type investigation is commonly used once the primary investigator has isolated the area of original to a heat producing product. 

General Consulting Services: This service may include plan review, site investigation, specification review, code confirmation, photograph review, design criteria, construction supervision, operation investigation and much more. During this process, meetings, e-mail contact or site attendance may be required. 

Industry Standards Application: This service compares the industry standards against the work product of inspectors and the workmanship of contractors. The work performed by these individuals must meet the industry standards as well as general building practice. 

Litigation Support: This service is provided for fire loss, personal injury and construction litigation throughout the United States. This service may include field discovery consisting of investigation, field notes, photography, sketches, testing, and/or video documentation. You may request technical discovery and research on listings, installation instructions, evaluation reports and code requirements based on the time of manufacturing and/or installation. The office work may consist of document and photographic review and the development of preliminary, supplementary and final reports. When necessary, these services include deposition, settlement meetings, mediation, arbitration, and trial testimony. 

Natural Disaster Assessment: This service offers a full evaluation of the condition of the fireplace, chimney or venting system after a disaster. This inspection includes a detailed investigation of footing, firebox, transition, chimney, flue, seismic straps, and flashings. This inspection can be performed visually or by use of a chimney camera. I also discuss the available options of correction and methods of recommended repairs. 

Personal Injury Investigation: This service evaluates the appliance and/or suspected cause of personal injury. The resulting injury could have been caused by physical contact, fire or inhalation. This investigation will attempt to determine the cause of this injury and assist in determining potential liability. 

Plan Review and Analysis: This service provides consulting services based on the review of plans, building code, manufacturer's specifications, additional technical data and the experience of the consultant. This service evaluates the application of material and reduces construction cost. This review can be performed during the original design, remodel or after a problem has been detected. This service will prevent unnecessary litigation, property damage and personal injury. 

Pre-Listing Inspection: This service offers the inspection of fireplaces, chimneys and vent systems prior to the listing of such property. This inspection provides the homeowner with a clear picture of the current condition and the approximate financial value of the conditions. This investigation prevents unwanted surprises during the resale process. 

Product Consulting: This service provides information on product design and application as well as product performance review. The concept of a material and its application within a certain environment can be critical when applied around or within a heat producing system. This review is recommended prior to production to prevent unwarranted litigation.

Product Failure Analysis: This service provides a forensic investigation of a product after damage or a malfunction has occurred. This evaluation will attempt to determine the cause of the malfunction or failure.

Product Performance Investigation: This service provides an unbiased opinion of performance. This service can provide actual operation of an appliance or product to determine if it is performing as intended or promised. 

Resale Inspections: This service offers the inspection of fireplaces, chimneys and vent systems at the transfer or resale of property. This inspection provides the client with an accurate assessment of the current condition of the system. This service also assists in protection against future fire, property loss and litigation.

Residential & Commercial Investigations: This service is offered to both residential and commercial applications. The fireplace, chimney, venting and appliance investigation is based of the building codes, manufacture's specification and any standards that apply.


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